Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do chiropractors do?

Chiropractors are hands-on musculoskeletal specialists that use primarily their hands to treat a variety of physical complaints. These can range from nerve pain, muscle pain joint pain, and athletic or work performance issues. We Utilize joint manipulation, soft tissue treatments, and exercise prescription to treat these complaints that are brought to us for resolution and management.

2. What makes your clinic different from other chiropractic offices?

Our office focuses on providing one on one patient care for one full hour. This allows us to get to the root cause of a problem and to take a comprehensive approach to treatment as opposed to pain relief alone. We will do our best to answer all questions you have from your initial phone call, to your assessment, and throughout your plan of care. The doctor will give you their full attention during every treatment session you have.

3. What happens in a typical session?

In a typical session we recap how everything has gone since your last visit, briefly assess to see what we can find that we need to focus on for the session, and add to or modify/progress exercises we have given you.

4. Should I come in when I’m in pain?
Yes! Typically most patients initially come in for pain relief but leave with not only relief but also the tools to help them manage their pain if it comes back. Most patients will see improvement after their first visit but if not do not worry we will be address a lot of the reasons that it is there and you should see improvement sooner rather than later.
5. Will it hurt to have any treatment? Or are there any side effects of a treatment session?
Soreness is a fairly common side effect, whether it be from an adjustment or soft tissue treatment. However, there are instances where this will fade on its own, but typically the use of heat, ice, or light stretching can help alleviate the soreness you may experience.
6. Do you take my insurance?
We are listed as “Out of Network” with all insurance companies. Fortunately, this has allowed us to be more effective and helpful to our patients in the form of longer treatment sessions that will help us get to the root cause of your complaint and help to resolve it in a faster and more comprehensive way. This status allows us to do the treatments that we believe will help you get better faster such as soft tissue treatments and exercise prescription. This has been an area of difficult decision for us, but we have come to the conclusion that it is in a patient’s best interest for us to be this status with insurers. However, we can give you an itemized receipt with diagnosis and treatment codes for you to receive reimbursement directly from your insurance company.
7. How long will it take for me to feel better?
Care plans may vary depending on the severity of your complaints and how diligent you are with your home care/rehab program. Typically, patients of ours see benefit after the first visit in the form of pain relief. However, if we are not seeing sustainable results by visits 4-6, we will reevaluate to see if there is something we are not addressing to the detail we need or to determine if you need to be referred out for extra imaging, testing, or evaluation by another provider for additional work up.
8. How do I pay for care?
We accept cards, check, and exact cash payments. Card payment may be credit, debit, AND HSA or FSA cards.
9. If I am not hurt or in pain, should I still come in for treatment?

Yes, we see a lot of patients that are out of pain or not in pain at all based on how they have progressed through their treatment plans or if they come in for other types of performance-based goals. These are some of our favorite cases to work with because it allows us to help patients achieve their health and fitness goals that is outside of pain relief.

10. What happens if I get better sooner than our projected treatment plan of care?
First off, that is always our goal and that is awesome! We do advise following your care plan to completion because pain relief is only the first step in our plan to help you get better. Our overall goal is to be the solution to your complaint so that it never comes back! Usually pain relief happens quickly, but the movement and performance dysfunctions take longer to correct and push through.
11. Do I need a referral?
Referrals are not needed for you to be seen in our office. Your primary care provider or another specialist may have referred you but you do not need a referral to see us.
12. Is chiropractic care safe?
Chiropractic care is a safe, conservative care method of hands-on treatment. At your initial intake we do a thorough history and evaluation to determine if chiropractic care is right for you and your complaints. If we don’t see chiropractic care as the right treatment for you, we will happily make the right suggestion for you to help.
13. What is soft tissue treatment?
Soft tissue treatment can be a wide variety of different techniques from massage to myofascial release, and “scraping”/instrument assisted. This is applied to muscles, joints, or tendons to help with soft tissue pliability, decrease pain, decrease tightness and improve range of motion.
14. What is rehab exercise?
Rehab exercises are sometimes basic movements that can help with pain relief but at other times can be more complex compound movements that can help patients strengthen or reintegrate movement patterns into their daily life based on their treatment goals. This is an integral part of everyone’s treatment plan to help you improve faster and stronger to prevent relapse of a complaint. It is incredibly important to follow your rehab protocol as your doctor prescribes it. These exercises are ideally designed to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.
15. What happens during an adjustment, and will I need to have my joints cracked?
The layperson’s terms version is that it can help with short term pain relief by quickly stretching a joint and signals your brain to feel a sense of relief. Usually, a decrease in pain and improvement in range of motion is seen and sometimes a decrease in muscle spasm. Not everyone will need this nor does every patient who would benefit from an adjustment receive one if they do not wish to have one. It is simply one of the many tools we can use to help you!

Client Reviews

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Dr Frank takes the time to get to know you and all your issues. Very through and professional in his assessment. I’ve been going to chiropractors for 27 years and he really goes above and beyond compared to the dozen or so I’ve seen in my lifetime. If you’re looking for more than an in an out adjustment… to get to the route of your issues, give Dr Frank Abate a call!

Jennifer T

I've been seeing Dr Frank for the past few months for help with soreness and discomfort in my neck and back. I have Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) which affects the collagen in the body and leads to extra stretchy tendons and ligaments... Which leads to lots of muscle tension and tightness, along with subluxations of various body parts, tendons popping into the wrong places, injuries that never really heal, and a lot of back pain.
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Justin C

I highly recommend Back In Action Chiropractic for anyone dealing with injuries or chronic pain. Dr. Frank has helped me so much with issues with my neck and lower back that I thought I just had to live with - but for the most part, I am pain free now! He does a very thorough assessment, does soft tissue work and adjustments, and really gets to know his patients to provide the highest level of care. It’s always a good experience going to see Dr. Frank - he’s a great chiropractor and an awesome person too!

Amy W

Frank is awesome! I would highly recommend to anyone. As an athlete, he got me back into my sport within two weeks with just a couple visits and some at home stretching. As a first timer, he was very good at explaining what was going on and what we were doing. Very smart, cleanly, and kind, thank you Frank!

Emma P

Frank is outstanding! Extremely patient, great listener, remarkably intuitive, understanding, kind and most of all effective. Every exercise he gave me had value, every motion was a step forward and every visit was time well spent. Very highly recommended!!!

Vadim M

Frank is knowledgeable, professional, clean & makes his patients feel comfortable. He has extensive knowledge of different stretches and movements that can be done at home to relieve pain and has not only helped me with neck/back issues, but I also my father, whom I referred over to Frank for Siatic nerve pain issues, and it's completely improved his ailments as well.

Highly recommend Abbate Chiropractic!

Chris P